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4+32 Channel Hybrid Readout Active Base for a 2x2 Arrangement of the Ketek PA3325-WB-0808 (model: AB432T-PA33WB0808-2X2)
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4+32 channel hybrid readout Active Base
supports a 2x2 arrangement of the Ketek
PA3325-WB-0808 for a total of 16x16 SiPMs
  • Horizontal signal connectors located on the back
    Array located on the front
    4-sided tileable installation
  • Position encoding:
    16 rows and 16 columns
  • Patented diode-coupled charge division readout
  • DC-coupled signal path
  • Low power consumption
  • Precision temperature sensor


AB432T-PA33WB0808-2X2 Datasheet

(arrays not included)

4-Channel Readout

Row & Column Readout