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4-Channel SiPM Interface Module (model: SiPMIM4-BNC)
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  • Connects to one 4-channel Active Base
  • Wideband DC-coupled signal path
  • Buffers four SiPM position signals for an oscilloscope or ADC
  • Sums four SiPM signals with gain & offset adjust for use by an external discriminator
  • Precision SiPM bias power supply with over-current shutdown, voltage monitor, current monitor

Local SiPM signals on BNC connectors

  • Four buffered SiPM position signals
  • One sum of four SiPM position signals
Position signals and sum have individually jumper-selectable polarity and AC or DC coupling

  • SiPM position signal sum gain and offset adjust
  • HV power supply over-current fault reset
  • Local SiPM bias voltage adjustment
  • Remote SiPM bias voltage control input
Monitor signals
  • SiPM base temperature, bias voltage, bias current


SiPMIM4 Datasheet (Rev B)

SiPMIM4 Datasheet (Rev A)
(Discontinued January 2014)

Accessories Included
  • 12V, 1A desktop power supply
  • 3 ft. micro-pitch ribbon cable assembly to connect a 4-channel AB4 series base
  • Enclosure