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Row & Column SiPM Readout

Wideband preamplifier for each row and column

Patented diode-coupled charge division readout, superior to traditional resistive readout
  • Improved spatial uniformity
  • Faster rise time
  • Reduced image noise

DC-coupled signal path

Low power consumption

Precision temperature sensor

Row & Column Readout

Tileable 4+24 channel base for SensL ArrayC-30035-144P-PCB 12x12 array

Datasheet: AB424T-ARRAY144P Datasheet

Tileable 16-channel row & column base for the SensL ArrayC-60035-64P-PCB 8x8 array of 6mm SiPMs

Datasheet: ABT-ARRAY64P Datasheet

Tileable 4+32 channel base for a 4x4 array of Hamamatsu S12642-0404PB

Datasheet: AB432T-S12642X16 Datasheet